Faux Effects Stencils
Galilee Stencil Collection
Stencil Placement Patterns
Paintin' the Town Faux Stencils

Paintin' the Town, Faux offers a great selections of stencils to complement our paint products.

The Faux Effects Stencil Collection The Faux Effects Stencil Collection consists of original stencils that provide a pattern outline while Faux Effects® products supply the color, texture and patina. This allows the decorative finisher greater control and creativity in determining the outcome of the finish.
The Galilee Collection The Galilee Collection allows you to create actual samples of replicas of these ancient historical sites depicted by the Galilee Stencils in our class – “Ancient Art Revival.” For more information and historical background, please see article on the Galilee Stencil Collection reprinted from The Faux Finisher, Spring 2005.
Stencil Placement Patterns Stencil Placement Patterns are user-friendly stencil patterns that allow artists to pre-mark stencil patterns on the surface in various sizes. Patterns include Diamond and Harlequin designs.

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