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Aqua Finishing Solutions™ Colors

Paintin' the Town, Faux offers several Aqua Finishing Solutions™ color products for your decorative finishes.

AquaColors™ are acrylic artist's quality colors designed to be used with AquaCreme™ for maximum translucency. Use straight from the bottle or mix with creme for all decorative painting, stenciling, murals, floorcloths, and other forms of artwork. AquaColor™ is a water-based resin and non-organic color grind specially formulated artist material. It is used as a color additive that is mixed into AquaGlaze® or AquaCreme™ to produce quality faux and decorative finishes. AquaColor™ is available in standard and metallic colors and has a natural translucent quality. It is unlike standard paint color tints in its formulated make up. AquaColor™ will dry to a hard, durable finish on its own, unlike paint tints, and will not bleed even in high concentrations.

AquaColor™ may be used for interior or exterior applications and has excellent UV sunlight protection. AquaColor™ is normally used in AquaCreme™ and this combination dries to a durable finish (topcoat optional). AquaColor™ may be used in AquaGlaze™ instead of latex paint for very slow drying and great maneuverability for cloud effects and other soft decorative finishes. This combination, however, requires a carefully applied protective AquaGard™ clear coat for durability (spray coat is suggested).

AquaGard™ contains a co-solvent system that should be applied with caution over new or sensitive color or artwork. Lightly apply the first coat, let dry, and follow by a heavier more aggressive application.. AquaColor™ may be applied with cheesecloth or pouncing brushes for stencil work. Store in a cool dry location and hand shake every few months to ensure its creamy consistency. AquaColor™ should be applied above 55 degrees F to properly obtain a good film formation.

Aqua Iridescent Colors™ are beautiful highly reflective colors with iridescent sheens. Rainbow reflections shine within the pastel color combinations. Use straight from the bottle or mix with glazes. Available in an assortment of iridescent colors.


Aqua™ Verdigris produces a durable, natural-looking, oxidized metal finish over wood, plastic, iron, etc. Aqua ™ Verdigris materials are a complete system of base coat and color materials designed to oxidize and turn chalky as the different color formulations dry out. Start with two base coat metallic acrylic color choices of copper or bronze. Dark-Green and Blue-Green Verde materials are applied at random over the entire surface, using a brush, sponge, cheesecloth, or spray. The colors may be thinned with water up to 40%, based on the desired appearance. Allow colors to dry. Aqua™ then apply light green Verdi material (may be thinned with up to 40% water) and 40% white AquaColor™ over entire piece. Aqua™ Verdigris is color fast, but extreme UV sun rays may further oxidize the color. This generally has little effect on the overall finish because it is what happens in the natural oxidization of copper and bronze. Aqua™ Verdigris system may be top coated with dull AquaThane™ for additional protection against UV sun rays.

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