PrimEtch™ Primer
Base Coats & Primers

Paintin' the Town, Faux offers several Aqua Finishing Solutions™ products for preparing your surface before applying your decorative or faux finish.

AquaBond is designed specifically to work as a base coat for all your decorative finishing work with AquaGlaze®. It is an excellent furniture refinishing product as well, as you do not have to strip off the old paint. The material has superb bonding and sealing qualities. AquaBond™ is the recommended substrate for producing classic decorative finishes. It allows for the slow drying of AquaGlaze® and other materials in the Aqua™ System.

The material may be used for both interior and exterior applications. Unlike common latex paints, the high grade, proprietary resin used in the manufacturing of AquaBond™ allows the material to be hand rubbed to a satin patina, or wet sanded to a feather edge. AquaBond™ is low in VOC content and friendly to the environment.

AquaBond™ is also excellent for furniture and refinishing Formica™. Thoroughly clean the old surface before applying the AquaBond™. (For cabinets, furniture, and Formica™ surfaces, sand with 220-grit sandpaper.) If the AquaBond™ is sprayed, it may be thinned with water, but it is not necessary with most spray painting equipment. For roll-on applications, use quality sponge rollers. Finish roll in one direction, especially with metallic AquaBonds™. For brush applications, use a fine quality brush made for water-based material. Finish brush in one direction with light brush pressure. Covers approximately 400 sq ft per gallon.

AquaSealis both a primer seal coat and a clear finish coat in the Aqua Finishing Solutions™ Systems.

AquaSeal™ seals porous wall paint and allows for more working time for AquaGlaze.® AquaSeal™ is recommended to be put over both previously painted wall surfaces or newly painted surfaces. When AquaSeal™ is applied over flat or semi-gloss paint, it turns it into an extraordinary base coat paint for decorative finishes. Because it is clear, it will not change the color of your background coat. (Over very dark colors, AquaSeal™ will produce a dull or frosty effect.) AquaSeal™ can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed on and is perfect to apply over wall finishes for maximum durability. Do not exceed 20% water to volume for spray application. A fine grained sponge or short nap roller work best for hand applications. Allow at least four hours drying time before applying color mixtures. The material may be used for both interior and exterior applications. AquaSeal™ is low in VOC content, with easy soap and water cleanup. Covers approximately 400 sq ft per gallon.

PrimEtch™ is a unique, semi-gloss clear coat bonding material used as a first coat primer for difficult to paint surfaces such as glass, tile, and plastic laminates. It allows for application of faux and decorative finishes in ways never before possible. PrimEtch™ can also be used in place of Imprint Coat™ for applying Custom Imprints™ to these same surfaces!
Covers approximately 400 sq ft per gallon



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