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Cash in On the Latest Rage – Natural Textures You Create and Apply

Don’t miss this chance to get in on this ground-floor opportunity to take your faux finishing to a whole new level with Removatex and Parvati Textures. View Samples

Become a certified installer of this unique natural wall covering system with a brand new look. You’ll be amazed when you see how easy it is to create an almost unlimited variety of one-of-a-kind textures with this European product. This class will teach you all you need to know to get started and make more money.

Removatex that is completely removable. This pre-mixed, easy-to-use product can be applied thin and smooth to heavy and roughly textured. It can be tinted or over-glazed any color. Use it for total coverage, brick or stone shapes, ornamental stenciling, and so much more

Your portfolio will stand out from everyone else’s with our new Parvati Textures. Your clients will be thrilled with the variety of wall coverings they can choose from and the ability to customize the look for each individual taste. What a joy it will be for them to show off their phenomenal walls, unlike anyone else’s. And they will marvel at your artistic skills.

The creative artist in you will soar as you combine a collage of materials such as natural cottons, metallic glitters, mica flakes, yarns, chips, dyes, and more, and watch as original, gorgeous textures appear. Textures can be customized - any color, fine or course texture, with unique effects. Then just apply them to the wall and - Voila! An instant masterpiece. View Samples

Class includes hands-on training and everything you need
to begin
- complete samples, manual, and marketing brochures for
better selling. Samples may vary.

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Parvati Textures™ “Cotton Plaster” Wall Coverings
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